Welcome to our crazy, military life! All of my comics are based on real life events...none of the names have been changed, nor the events altered. This is us...follow us in our daily life! 

I think she likes it!

"An homage to the Princess bride"

First time in a Zumba class in Kathmandu...Not so easy peasy as the instructor led us to believe.

Bus rides in Kathmandu, Nepal

Loved listening to the stories my 9 year old would tell when she came home from school in Kathmandu.

"Drop the mic"

"The Pashima"

Who knew that television could be so educational.

"Size does matter"

I learned the hard way that size matters when you live abroad and need to buy new shoes...

november 1st

Conversations with my teen...

"A Cinderella Night"

Living in Nepal, I had the opportunity to wear the Nepali national dress to several formal events. The Sari is not an easy dress to wear but its quite an art form to be wrapped in it. It was an honor to wear and a privilege to be apart of the Nepali culture.

"Meet me under the Mistletoe"

"Power outages in Kathmandu"

Power outages are quite common in Kathmandu...I guess it can be seen as a game at times...

"Emailing Santa"

...its just easier...

"Mom fail"

"Blonds are super smart"

"Coffee Break...2 hours"

"Broken toe in Kathmandu"

Nepal 2020!

Typical father/daughter conversation in our house."

"I found you"

"Running makes everything better"

"Its a runners thing"

"Just a quick high five"

"No worries"

"Once a dancer..."

"Big Sister for Hire"


video games can take you back...way back...

Win, win!

"Face Plant"

"Conversations with my teen"

"Chocolate cake + Eggs"

"Girls don't sweat.."

"Adventure abroad!"

"Somethings are better left unsaid"

"Thats right...I said it."

"Military life isn't boring"

"Moving Day!"

Kathmandu here we come!

First day of 2019

"9:30pm..Happy New Year!"

"8 year olds know everything..."

"So this is love" Series

"Christmas morning come and gone"

"Little Sisters" Series

"Birthdays + Dark nights"

"The Pashmina"

"Sisters series"

"I am the gold girl Hailey. You can be the girl that is green." "Fine by me! That means I get Chris Pratt!"

"Conversations with my Teen" Series

"The Sisters Series"

"May the 4th be with you"

"The Happiest Place on earth"


"Little Sisters Series"

"How much is one?"

santa monica christmas

Its a Santa Monica Christmas!"

"Little Sisters Series"

-Never argue with an 8 year old.

"Beer is best"

"How it all started"